Oxford Film Festival Donations

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Oxford Film Festival Endowment Fund

Help us achieve long-term financial stability by growing our Oxford Film Festival Endowment fund. Any donation at any level is tax-deductible and goes into our CREATE account.

Learn more about our endowment at: http://createfoundation.com/donorsadvisors/donor-funds/endowment-funds/

Oxford Film Festival General Fund

Donate any amount to the general fund for the festival's year round programming.

Your donation is tax-deductible. Any donation under $25 is not listed as a sponsorship. See memberships for levels over $25.

About Oxford Film Festival

The Oxford Film Festival celebrates the art of independent cinema. Through year round programming, the festival works to encourage filmmaking in Oxford and North Mississippi while growing understanding of cinema through screenings, workshops and educational programs, culminating in the annual five day festival.

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